Farm Day!

This past spring we, along with our good friend Andrea, bought a small share in a local farm 1 hour north of Edmonton. The farm is part of the CSA organization; Community Supported Agriculture.  The idea is a local farmer sells shares in their farm; this way the local farmer is a little more protected from the unpredictability of farming and the shareholders learn more about how tough farming can be, how the weather can make or break a crop all the while supporting a local farmer-and receiving the bounty of the harvest of course!

Having a share in a local farm has been one of the best surprises of the year for us.  Since mid June we have been picking up our box of produce (dropped off only a few blocks away) with eager anticipation and Tuesdays (pick up day) have become known as Vegmas!

As part of our share duties a work day on the farm is required. We have been out twice now and loved it so much we went out for a third day this past weekend and luckily Andrea was able to join us this time. Being able to go out to the farm 3 times during the season has been great to see the process of vegetables-from seedlings we planted in the ground, to weeding and mulching maintenance and then this weekend’s work-harvesting! The day did not disappoint-we basked in the sunshine, got our hands black with dirt and giggled (including Houston!) through most of the tough work.

We dug out leeks, celery, beets and green onions.

Bagged and washed the veggies, including carrots, onions and potatoes and organized bins for Tuesdays drop-off.

And when the work was done we wandered the grounds of the farm, checking out the veggies that are still to come,  playing with the farm’s beautiful dog and enjoying the warmth of what is sure to be one of the last day’s of summer.


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1 Response to Farm Day!

  1. Anna says:

    Dirty hands, fresh air, root veg… yum. Making me a little homesick!

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