High Rollers

A weekend of Vegas celebrations and red rock Utah biking explorations!

We flew to Las Vegas this past Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate the marriage of one of my oldest, dearest friends, Olivia. Knowing that Vegas would be bright and loud, exciting and exhausting we planned in a two day escape to Utah immediately following the wedding.

Friday night we arrived in the glitzy city, met up with another of our very good friend’s, Jenny (also our hotel roommate for the weekend) and headed out to tour the bright lights of the strip.

Saturday we rested up, toured the hotels and treated ourselves to a gigantic breakfast at the famous Peppermill on the Strip. A classic diner that’s been around “forever”, it’s known for it’s huge plates of food, neon lights and bottle service before 10am!

Our obligatory photo-surrounded by our ginormous breakfast!

Then it was time for the wedding. And what a wedding it was! One of the most original we had ever seen. The ceremony was led by an authentic Elvis, complete with singing, hip swinging and classic hand moves.

Afterwards it was on to the G-suite at the top of the Palms hotel for a wonderful cocktail reception, good company and a great celebration.

Sunday morning we were up early driving the 2 hours to St. George Utah in our bright yellow VW bug car rental. St. George is a small city lying just in the SW corner of Utah, one of our favourite places for mountain biking and rock climbing. The area is surrounded by red mountains and the weather, at least every time we’ve been there, is stable and warm.

We rented dual suspension mountain bikes and we’re treated to smooth riding, where all the bumps and ledges felt like we were riding waves! We rode some of our favourite slickrock trails with wonderful names like Barrel Rolls, Turtle Wall and City Creek.

The fantastic biking was a perfect ending to a great weekend.

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A duo inspired to live life to the fullest.
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1 Response to High Rollers

  1. jenny says:

    Wowee! Looks beautiful! How did you get that pic from the wedding, you sneaksters?! The blog is great guys – nice work!

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